JaK's Freezer Packs

Whether you’re grilling, braising, searing, or broiling, JaK’s Home Packs give you JaK’s quality meats at great prices. Buy a small pack for home date night or fill your freezer with one of our deluxe packs!  

JaK's Starter Pack $120

Four 5oz Top Sirloin
Four 6oz Choice Filet Mignons
Four 1/2 Pound Ground Beef Patties
JaK’s Steak Butter
JaK’s Steak Salt (optional)

JaK's Deluxe Pack $220

Four 9oz Dry-Aged Choice New York Strips
Four 6oz Choice Filet Mignon
Four 20oz Bone-In Ribeyes
JaK’s Steak Butter
JaK’s Steak Salt (optional)

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